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nth much man.. i'm still super happy.. of course.. hahahas.. nd i'm still loving ENGLISH TOFFEE LATTE!! hahahahahahas.. nd of course i'm still loving SOYA BEAN MILK IN DUNMAN FOOD CENTRE..

it's just so sad tt zhi lin nd pei jun pang-seh us.. so they did get to taste such a gastronomical delight.. haiz so sad..

but anwz..

i just wanna say tt ranford is awesome man.. he said smth to me tt kinda like made me go woah yeah man!

No matter how much you pray for them on the outside, if you don't bring them into the house of God, how can they be touched by God??

super cool.. ranford is just.. oh my mama..

anwz if u wanna salivate becoz of wad me nd nicholas ate a while ago.. visit his blog.. he described everything really really well..

Nicholas' blog