you're good enough

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hahahas.. i'm using a new publisher although it still goes to blogger.. i hope it's better to blog now..

anwz.. it's been a long time since the last post.. i've been really busy with VBS!!! hahahas.. i feel that we really grew to another level right after vbs.. it's a really awesome and powerful time learning!

I am part of the VBS team which is in charge of hospitality.. super zai.. it's so exciting man.. 1st week it was headed by samantha and the 2nd it was by me! i really learn a lot from her man..

then for the final day of vbs.. it really impacted me.. what Pastor How told us really impacted me.. i was crying after he shared his heart wif us man.. and the presence of God was really so thick in there.. it was so amazing.. then Pastor Lia prayed for me.. and i was amazed becoz she told me a really really specific thing.. she said.. you don't need to be better than anyone. The Lord says tt you are good enough. You are good enough!

this really impacted me..

now i still have to read my book and write a book review by dec 28..


cya next time!