2nd day of Sec1 orientation

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the 2nd day of the orientation was filled wif banana dances and comical cheers that really made the whole orientation great..

it started of with our routine meeting.. we met at 845.. at least it's l8r than 630! lol.. so we met at 845 and placed our bags in Mr Ow's office.. it's kinda the same there.. nth much has changed.. still see the same ppl in the detention area.. why ha? tsk..

after placing our bags in Mr Ow's office we went on our way to the canteen to meet the sec1s as they go for their recess.. it was cool.. i went to eat with tsi ming and tori they all.. hahas they're super funny..  esp tori.. keep am jioing.. lol .. then he kept standing.. lol.. then met joseph.. he's good but a bit got problem with attention i think.. he'll be good but after a while esp when it gets kinda boring he'll do things that will attract ur attention to him.. but how he does it is kinda violent..

so after recess we went up back to the hall so that the students are to be dismissed to their different classes.. becoz the councillors were not there yet.. so we went to their classes and helped out the teachers in the different classes.. however some teachers just did admin stuffs.. sian.. lol.. Ms Sim's class was a bit more happenin.. like on the first day they alr played games and now they went arnd sch so tt they will be able to be more familiar with the sch surroundings.. Ms Sim happening sia..

after the class interactions.. they went back to the hall to hve the team building games.. super funny sia.. didn't really joined any particular grp.. just went around to check up on the oth grps.. and now and then i will be joining their games.. quite fun actually.. then it came to the singing of the sch song.. lol.. i was like making it as funny as possible.. becoz i noe the sec1s will be like super bored to tears.. lol..

anees came in the afternoon.. nd it was super fun hving him along as well.. the sec1s were having their amazing race.. so me and anees went arnd to join one or two teams as they played their games.. we played captain's ball.. and some oth stuffs.. it was exciting playing wif the sec1s.. becoz u kinda like want to be gentle wif them but becoz of their energetic nature things can become pretty violent.. me and anees joined a team during captain's ball and even though we were the tallest.. we still lost.. tsk.. lol..

overall the 2nd day of orientation was exciting.. and it was btr than the 1st day... it was cool..

so like on the 1st day.. i'll let the pics do the talking..