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series on love has ended.. it was really good.. i think after the series our love has increasd to a whole new level.. a God level of love.. the one tt i really love was the one about love hatefully.. tt one was great.. so sad tt the cd is not available..

i'm happy.. i dun noe y but i'm happy tdy..

evry1 plz pray for the PRSS PSB.. it's going to be forwarded to Ms Cheng alr..

thanks agn VS PSB!

ok let's do smth different tdy.. i realised tt i've been updating my blog wif nonsense ony.. so tdy let me do smth different..

let's talk about...

why ppl look down upon themselves.. ok this is just my opinion.. so if u hve anth opinion about this topic.. plz tag it in my tagboard.. xD

To me i just get very irritated and confused when ppl look down on themselves.. others say that they are good in smth or good in general but then they retort back tt they're not really tt gd and they will post an argument abt y they're not so gd.. come on man.. r they really so blinded that when they look at the mirror they see an ugly person instead of the real beuty?

in my opinion they look down on themselves because of the culture they surround themselves with.. a culture where friends discourage friends.. i noe tt's sick.. but believe it or not tt culture does exist.. whenever a person is arnd groups of friends who discourage him.. he will always feel low in self-esteem..hence when ppl praise him.. he can't take it becoz the culture tt he surrounded himself with looks down on him.. hence the culture made him look down on himself as well.. get wad i mean? isn't it just irritating? the culture makes a person hu he is..

we should all be great ppl who encourage each other.. not discourage.. speak life not death.. if you have nth gd to say dun say.. ppl can do well.. they are able to do great things.. but once you look down on urself a self-fulfilling prophesy happens.. u say u're not gd hence u do turn out to be not gd.. we should all change our mindset to thinking that we can do all things! ALL.. A... L... L... ALL things.. through Christ who strengthens me.. ppl should just stop looking down upon themselves becoz in every person there is a hidden precious gem that can be used in the kingdom of God for His glory.. forever and ever...