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my whole body aches now..

but feels damn shiok..

means nvr slack during conditioning classes.. 

but.. i am super super tired.. i alwz sleep in bus and today my first sleeping in a test!


but ok la.. the timing for the test was quite long.. 1.5hrs for a paper u cn probably finish in 45mins.. a bit long la.. 

Dr Chia super funny.. after my test he ask how i cn fall asleep during test.. then i said tt got a lot of work to do.. then he say ya play games write?? then i said no la! i dun even play games.. then he give tt face.. lol.. damn cute.. i think he's like the best Personal Mentor.. coz i hear from oths they say their PEM are damn strict and fierce.. Dr Chia is the best la.. THANK GOD!! 

i finally FINISH my MARKETING PROJECT!! thank God! although i still need to add the appendixes.. but tt one should be easy.. now i can help jun boon and huan qing wif theirs..

my next target is workshop details.. but easy la tt one.. 

jun boon wants to help in the workshop.. should be damn fun to have him arnd to help me out.. hahahas..

jun boon = future roommate?  

see how la.. 


gosh look at the time.. i shall go now..




are you touched? i'm wishing u hapy birthday in my blog lei.. LOL

anwz you are a great leader who has a heart for people.. i really want to learn more from you man.. you are awesome.. continue to grow in Christ and lead me in this race of Faith..

Thanks for everything Ranford!