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! D FIVE for fighting, fight for fifty

that's our CG's slogan for the season..

now if u see our msn lists.. all on top are D5 ppl wif the same nick.. LOL.. so nice.. i'll show u..

super cool right? i love D5 to the max man.. we're a family..

I am super inspired by Pastor Joakim yet agn.. actually he inspires me evry single time he comes.. the whole of the schools seminar is just awesome.. i really learnt a lot from Pastor Joakim..

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist

i'm all ready to start a revival!! 

are you ready to see a massive revival to sweep the nation?


we're here to make some serious noise..

oh man.. so powerful.. so exciting.. i love evry moment of it man..

Vanessa went to France just now.. she'll be there for 2 yrs! gosh.. 

i cn't imagine being away from heart of God church that long.. away from Pastors.. away from D5.. i think i really cn't get away from church.. it's gonna be too painful.. becoz a strong pull will alwz pull me back.. no matter where i go.. heart of God church is alr a part of my DNA.. it's hard to get away from it..

me and nicholas were talking abt it.. we were saying how ppl hu just leave church cn even leave church.. i dun noe wad they feel.. maybe wad they feel towards church is just all hype and fun for themselves? 


tt's more impt.. OTHERS before SELF.. 

like wad Pastor Joakim said.. Others-centric people will triumph over impossible circumstances, will have favour of God over their lives and will dream big and see the dreams come true..

trip wif D5 to the airport was super fun.. pics will be up soon after i get them from nicholas.. it's huge! 6+MB..

cya for now!