long awaited humiliation

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Nicholas' MSN nick says:
Oh Crap. I've made Carlo Vainer.

Thanks Nic!
You've made me from Vain to MORE Vain.


On other news.

I keep forgetting to blog about the BGR I always see so common nowadays within the younger generations.
It's running rampant.
And it gives me shivers down my spine.
Not because it's scary.
Because it's disgusting.
Especially when I see them below my flat
Seemingly trying to eat each other's faces off.

*Disclaimer: I am not gay. I'm just irritated that young people are wasting their lives away and wasting their greater potential.

I've been wanting to post this a long time ago.
To hopefully humiliate those who can't wait.
Have Fun!

A lot of times I would just walk.
Walking is fun.
You see a lot more things in detail.
Lots and Lots more.
Things you normally just get a glance of in the bus,
with walking you can now see it for an additional 1 minute.
Get what I mean?

Anyways, while walking I see a lot more stuffs.
Like for example:
I was walking a long ECP when I saw this couple.
From a far they looked like any other couples.
But as I drew nearer, I saw that they were lower secondary pupils.
LOWER Secondary Pupils.
How do I know that?
Because the guy was wearing short pants.
Before you say that some schools wear short pants even till upper sec;
I know the school and they don't wear short pants until upper sec.
Chai Chee Secondary School

So what were they doing?
The guy was behind the girl, embracing her from behind.
And the girl turned her head towards the guy and they..
Yes. Lower Secondary pupils.
14 years old. Kissing on the beach like there's no tomorrow.

Next example.
Quite recently.
I was waiting for Nicholas outside PRSS.
While waiting, this couple was walking together hand in hand.
All of a sudden, the guy let go of her hand and decided to embrace her.
Then while walking, they kissed.
I pretended that i didn't see such a sight.
They were sec4 students of PRSS
I know the guy.

I was walking home when under the void deck i saw this couple.
They were from Springfield Sec.
The girl was on the lap of the guy in short pants.
And yes you've guessed it.
They were kissing.

Next and final example.
I was leaving a friend's house when i decided to take the stairs down.
As I was going down the stairs from the 12th floor.
This couple, LOWER secondary.
East View Secondary School.
They were sitting down on the steps.
The guy had his hand where it shouldn't be.
Top not bottom.
And yes you've guessed it again.
They were kissing.
Like durh.

I was like Oh come on.
I went ahem! Excuse me!
With that irritated tone.

Get a room.

If you're smart, you'll see that the examples were mainly lower sec pupils.
I'm just trying to bring your attention to how young they're becoming.
Is it a new culture?
If it is, then it need to be eradicated soon!
Or else it won't be long until you see Primary School Students doing those things.
And i think there are already some of them.

It's not that nice to show your affection in public.
To some extent it's ok but only when you're old enough.
Even so, not even until so open.
But just look at this.
BGR to the max!

Sometimes i'll just be so disgusted i'll purposely disturb them.
Like walk past them and give them a disgusted glance.
Or purposely ahem when they're eating each other's faces.

Can't they wait?
A generation of impatient teens
Then they complain that they're sad because their partners left them.
Are they stupid or something?
Their sadness was brought by themselves!
If you didn't have that relationship in the first place at such a young age,
will you even be sad now?

OH then you will say.
Oh come on.
How do you know?
Have you known each other well enough?
Have you been friends before or only recently when you liked him/her?
Have you really thought about it?
Do you really know him/her or only the mask that everyone wears?


Get real.

This is a message to all youngsters out there.

There will come a time when the right one will come.
But like what PM Lee have said, get to know more friends!
The more friends you know, the more opportunities for true love to grow.
I'm sure he didn't mean know more friends as a way for you to have more choices.
That would just be lame thinking.

Final Message:





The End

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