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...Oh man.. ytd i had a super tiring adventure man.. i went to kembangan to give my fren a suprise visit.. hahahas.. so i got his address so roughly i noe where to go.. really roughly.. so frm the MRT i started walking to Lengkong Tiga.. i rmbred tt the place i was looking for near Lengkong Empat.. so i started walking to where i thought it would be.. but i ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up nowhere.. i was looking arnd for some1 to ask for directions but the place was super deserted so i walked nd walked.. after walking for i think 20mins i finally found sme1 to ask for directions.. nd guess wad the person said? i had to go back to where i came from nd turn right frm there.. so tt means i wasted 20mins of walking.. so i started walking back nd went on my way.. as i started walking i couldn't see where i was suppose to go.. so i started t walk through Lengkong Enam.. i was trying to look for the place.. so i looked arnd.. the whole place looked vaguely familiar..

So i started walking nd walking i turned a corner.. nd then i turned another just to find tt i went in circles.. I was holding on to this leaflet for Ignite'08.. when i felt tt i should put it in some random house.. So i prayed for it nd when i opened my eyes i was looking at a house.. so i placed it inside the mailbox.. I prayed to let it bring an ignited moment where His glory will be seen by His ppl.. then i started walking agn.. after a while.. after going arnd Lengkong Enam twice.. i finally found a person to ask for directions nd finally i got it! nd i finally arrived to my fren's place!

hahahas.. it was super funny.. i was telling him wad happened nd we were like laughing nd laughing..

but wad really bothers me is tt the whole area kinda looked vaguely familiar.. i dun noe where i've seen the place b4..

I oso thought i saw Joshua.. i dun noe la.. wasn't wearing my specs plus i was wearing my new Oakley shades! hahahas.. so i'm nt so sure..

This was the super big field in the middle of Lengkong Enam

this is the house where i placed the leaflet at

more of the big field.. kinda looks familiar..

the way to my fren's house.. through the big field.. hahas

anwz.. i'll post agn when i'm free! hahahas.. off to study..