soaking wet!

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hahas.. tdy i went to my fren's house at kembangan agn.. we studied tgth.. learned new things tdy man! lol.. anwz.. after studying arnd 6pm i started to make my way home.. but it was still raining! haiz.. so i started walking.. nd while i was walking i met this guy agn.. the same guy i met on tuesday.. hmmm... i wonder wad God is trying to tell me.. am i suppose to do anything?? coz nothing happens by chance.. evrything is planned by God.. so how come i met this guy for the 2nd time at the same location?? hmm.. i hve to ask God for more info..

anwz.. so i started walking to the MRT.. to make a long story short.. by the time i reached the MRT i was soaking wet! i oso dun noe y.. it was only drizzling lei.. maybe it's becoz i was walking super slow.. HAHAHAHAS..

oh ya i took some pics b4 i went to my fren's hse.. i esp took those tt really made me feel tt i hve seen tt place b4..

this looks esp familiar.. esp tt house... hmmm...

hehehes.. random shot..

haiz.. bus stop no shelter.. luckily when i got down.. it wasn't raining..

i encountered this dead mouse while i was walking to the MRT.. eeeyer..

oh ya.. b4 i forget.. i'm getting this one super powerful sermon "Others" by Pastor Joakim Lundqvist this weekend.. trust me when i say tt tt sermon is awesome.. it was one of the sermons tt i firstly got to feel the eh strong presence of God.. it was really strong tt time.. almost the whole congregation was crying.. tt's how powerful it is.. so try to listen to it.. nd u'll be blessed.. it'll be in my other blog where i will be putting all the sermons..

ok i gtg eat dinner nd study now.. God bless!