Night out

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hey yoz! just got back frm vivo.. my family went there to buy a bday prez for my mom's god-son.. then went to window shop arnd.. nd i was like oh man.. coz IP zone is hving a sale nd i dun hve cash!!!!! O.O i found this one super nice blazer.. i wnt to buy!!! but nvm.. i hve nt been tithing.. so next time la.. i'm sure God will bless me wif smth else.. then after tt.. went to toys r us.. wanted to buy rubrics cube actually but mom dun wnt.. ahahahas.. i wnt to try nd oso so tt i'm nt in front of the books nd com all the time.. but nvm.. hahahas.. then went me nd bro went arcade to play daytona.. a bit crazy la.. still cn't get the hang of drifting.. nvm.. wif practice.. after Olvl.. LOL

then i had nth else to do in the car so i took sme shots.. wif my lousy handphone.. lol.. after i hve finished my building fund i'm gonna save for a digicam.. then cn cam whore! lol

I actually took a pic of Fullerton here.. dunno y become so blur

one of the buildings in shenton way.. it was so cool la.. with a btr cam i think this pic would look even more cooler..
ok i gtg man! cya soon!