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yoz! i just got back home.. went out wif my family.. u all touched or nt? i quickly post just after i gt back home? hahahahas.. jkjk

anwz.. tdy's svc is powerful.. during worship evry1 just start kneeling down.. even me.. nd as i worshipped Him wif all my heart.. telling Him tt i am His nd tt just one word from Him.. i will follow.. nd as i worshipped.. i just felt this something heavy coming upon me nd i was taken aback.. i dun noe how to explain it.. it's as though my knees cn't take it anymore nd it just collapse under the weight nd i sat down on the floor..

it's was the glory of God.. the thick Holy presence of God.. nd He showed me visions.. visions of how i cn change my character.. vision of me standing in front of a pulpit.. visions of me sharing a sermon wif ppl.. nd one more vision.. which really puzzled me..

it was a vision of me, ranford, joshua, aaron nd 3 other guys, who i dun noe, sitting in a circle with arms raised high worshipping God.. nd Joshua had a guitar with him nd he was playing..

I felt tt God is trying to tell me smth.. i dun noe wad it was but.. i'm gonna seek more of Him.. i'm just super hungry for more of Him.. i want more of the visions nd blessings.. i want His wisdom so i cn serve under His house faithfully nd so i cn pray for strangers nd they will see the glory of God!

I want to noe His plans for me..


anwz my family went to suntec to eat.. nd then walked arnd.. i was listening to Near or Far by Sidney Mohede.. super nice worship song.. nd after tt went home.. hahahas.. my dad is just so cool.. he was driving almost 120km/h i think.. hahahas..

my mom said tt my uncle drives faster than him.. lol

oh ya i bought Leadership Excellence by Pastor Phil Pringle.. super nice book.. i've only read the first few pages nd God alr showed me tt i will really grow more.. Thank you Lord!

rmbr; NO God NO Peace. KNOW God KNOW Peace. Always seek God First! Seek His face not always His hands..