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nth much happen tdy lei.. hw? didn't even go tennis.. haiz.. mom hving a bit of a headache so didn't go tennis.. haiz..

nth much la.. during post-prelim did absolutely nth but read my new book nd play tower bloxx on my hp.. hahahas..

bt tdy ha.. i was super guai.. dun noe y suddenly ppl all arnd me seemed veh irritating.. LOL .. hide my book la.. scold me shut up when i nvr say nething. nd so much mre.. haiz.. wad's the world turning to?? lol..

oh ya rmbr my vision abt the worship session.. i just wanted to add smth.. rmbr the 3 guys sitting wif us who i dun noe?

i still dun noe them..


no.. seriously.. frm the vision i noe wad they look like.. but i've nvr seen them my entire life! i dun noe hu they r! haiz.. i still need more from God..

ok la.. i going to go read my book agn.. cya next time!

for all those taking their exam.. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!