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it's alwz great to fellowship wif ppl whom u hve nvr even met b4.. hahas.. i'm kinda weird i noe.. nd sme might feel tt it is awkward.. nd i agree.. it might feel awkward at first.. but like wad Pastor Lia has said.. we ony grow when we hang out wif ppl we are uncomfortable wif.. if u feel awkward or uncomfortable then it's a sign tt you need to grow bigger than the person.. but the problem wif ppl is tt they quit too soon when they become uncomfortable..

fellowshipping wif others is a super awesome experience in my opinion.. coz i get to learn lots of things from them.. i'm just an average person.. nd i wnt to grow to become a great leader in the house of God.. tt's the cry of my heart.. to be a leader in the house of the Lord.. i need to learn more.. nd in addition to tt.. evrytime i talk to ppl i find one new thing abt them.. nd it just thrills me.. u may i veh kaypoh.. but i wnt to live an others life where others matter more than me..

i am nth man.. but others r awesome.. other ppl hve more interesting lives than me.. i'm sure of tt.. but y do we feel awkward in meeting ppl whom we hve nt met b4? is it fear? is it self-centredness?

wad if there's a new friend in the house of God.. wad will u do? leave him all alone in one corner? becoz we dun "dare" to talk to them??

one thing i've learnt frm heart of God church is faithfulness to the small things.. nd i'm still learning it by the grace nd guidance of God..

in the yr 1914.. a certain boat sank.. the boat called the empress of ireland.. a stor of how this ship sunk in 14 mins nd how 120 young Christians on their way to a youth conference gave their lives for OTHERS.. even though they grabbed hold of lifevests when the boat was beneath the surface they found tt the lifevests was nt enuf for evry1! nd this 120 young ppl spontaneously took off their lifevests nd threw them to other ppl to save others instead of themselves.. even a man.. hu reported all of this taking place.. he was in his mid30s saw this girl coming to him half his age.. she threw her lifevest to him nd his pride kinda refuses him to receive it so he throws it back to her.. nd said no save ur own life, ur ony a girl, u're ony half of my age.. she turns to him in the freezing cold waters nd looks at him in the eye nd said.. take it, i will die btr than u.. becoz she knew where she was going.. her life was alr saved.. she knew where she was heading for.. nd u noe wad? tdy there r 120 youths surrounding us.. u noe wad they're saying? LIVE UR LIFE FOR OTHERS! those other students in ur sch.. those other students outside ur school.. live for them!

is it really tt difficult to fellowship wif fellow brothers nd sisters in Christ?

one generation.. seeing a revival.. we must all worship God under one roof.. all of us gathered as one.. nd God will hear us from the heavens..

sry if this post kinda became like a sermon.. just tt suddenly it was the cry of my heart tdy when i was looking through some stuffs a while ago..

anwz nt much happened in sch tdy.. just slacked nd happily did Amaths.. suprisingly i enjoyed doing Amaths! hahas.. other lessons i just played wif my hp or talked to suzie nd nicholas.. haiz.. kinda tired..

but i need to feed myself wif the word of God.. so.. till next time.. cya!