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oh man tdy i received yet anth vision frm the Lord.. i was sitting in the bus praising nd worshiping the Lord in my heart when i closed my eyes and suddenly i saw a clear image of a guy wearing a st patrick uniform.. i noe the guy.. we used to talk when we were in primary sch.. but he was the batch after me.. so now he's in sec3.. hahas.. i rmbr i used to call him playboy becoz he was veh shuai ge nd he's alwz arnd girls.. hahahas

i noe this vision is from the Lord becoz how come i ony rmbred him after 4 long yrs?? i've nvr talked to him since pri sch days! plus i've nvr even seen him for 4yrs! how should i noe tt he's in st patrick??

anwz i feel tt the Lord wants me to find him.. i dun noe for wad reason.. but i'll flow wif God nd let Him guide me along..

believe it or nt i actually "argued" wif God.. i said.. but i'm having my exams?.. He gave me this word.. With God nothing is impossible..

it gave me peace nd i saw a vision of me studying wifout even feeling tired..

how awesome is the Lord!

hahas.. kkz.. i just took a break to tell u all this.. touched or not?? hahahahahas.. so i'll go back to my studying alr.. byes!