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oh man.. tdy in the morning woke wif a really bad headache.. i dun noe y.. but i didn't compromise on my daily morning prayers.. so i prayed nd dizzily made my way down to the kitchen to eat breakfast.. then bath then went to sch.. i was listening to the 9 gifts of the holy spirit sermon by Pastor Richard Roberts.. su[er nice.. made me understand even more abt the Holy Spirit.. but my headache still didn't stop!

so when the prinicipal was talking i was sleeping during the assembly! then went up to class nd slept for 2 hrs ony to be woken up occasionaly by mdm yue's constant CARLO GET UP! nd oso by the constant nudgings of suzie.. but i had this super duper painful headache.. so after geog went down to get h2o nd went back praying..

i prayed to God to give me His joy nd strengthen me.. nd to take away the burden tt i was carrying.. nd guess wad? by the time i finished praying which is half an hour l8r.. my headache was gone nd i was as cheerful as b4.. how awesome is our God! i even challenged my row to hu can finish most Amaths questions in 1 hr! hahahas thank God!

God is really moving man.. i mean my visions, revelations nd miracles tt happened in other ppl's life as well! like Nicholas, he had dozens of 2yrs overdue bks frm the library.. so u cn imagine how much the fine would cost right? well he prayed abt it.. he prayed for God to reduce the amount of wad he hve to pay but God took away evrything! the librarian told him tt becoz he returned all his books alr she's just gonna cancel the fines! awesome right?

haiz. but still no sign of the guy in my vision the other day.. i'm gonna start praying for him man..he's Bryan Quah Yew Teck.. ne1 noes him??