tiring.. 12 more days.. T.T

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oh man.. 12 more days to the dreaded days where ur life depends.. haiz.. how ha? i feel as though i hven't studied enuf.. nd i'm getting veh veh tired.. haiz..

nvm.. it dusn matter.. hahahas .. i'm kinda sounding a bit emo.. hahas.. ok

anwz.. tdy went to church frm 11am.. met ranford nd the rest nd "studied" wif a few "breaks" in between.. hahahas.. i must really learn to discipline myself more man.. haiz.. can nt la.. 12 more days lei! CARLO!! WAKE UP!!

Oh no.. i'm talking to myself.. *slap* hahas

ok sry tiredness..

anwz.. arnd lunch time met up wif leon to walk frm SingPost all the way to dunman food centre.. hahahas.. super funny la.. we were like eh how to get there ha? cn take bus or not? but we dun noe wad bus to take.. hahahas.. super funny.. then we talked abt a few of my new friends.. my bros.. hahas.. then looked arnd the place nd found houses so big.. they were just disgustingly big!

hahas so we found the place nd ate chicken rice.. WE WALKED FOR 20mins JUST TO EAT CHICKEN RICE!!! hahahahas but quite nice la.. then drank soya bean milk.. my favourite sia.. wah the soya bean milk there is super nice la.. dun noe how to explain so just go there nd try ok??? hahahas

then walked back.. then talked abt how awesome Pastor How nd Pastor Lia is.. the amazing things tt they r doing.. haiz.. I LOVE MY PASTORS!!

so now studying in church.. going back soon though.. arnd 930 i think.. hahas..


God bless you guys!!

oh ya b4 i forget.. i had anth vision.. but this time of anth guy.. Jing Rong.. he was standing in a white stage wif lights behind him.. he seem to be making some presentation to a congregation of over a thousand youths.. in the screen behind him i saw being an influence in times of darkness: being a great leader who will be light in times of darkness.. he looked really confident on stage.. nd he seemed to be an awesome influence to the youths.. he will be a majour influence lei.. so gd..

nd guess wad.. i just checked his blog.. nd an uncle selling soya bean milk at dunman food centre predicted the same future for him! dun believ me check it out.. >>>> it's in the links..

nd anth thing.. i met this great bro.. he super cool la.. sec1 in VS.. he's super matured in thinking.. plus he's a leader! tt's awesome.. he's just a reall really great bro to hve man.. i hope tt u all meet him soon.. then u'll noe wad i'm talking abt.. it has been a pleasure to meet nd talk to him.. becoz he's just so cool! his name is wai loon.. go my friendster check him out..

Jing Rong oso has been a really great fren.. i mean.. he's like super matured la.. last time i talked to him.. he impacted me wif wad he said.. success is like playing tennis u hve to train nd really put in all ur hardwork b4 u become really gd at it.. amazing la he.. he's in VJC Integrated Program.. 1st yr.. i think he will really be a great influence lor.. i noe this for the fact tt the vision was frm God nd becoz he has such a great potential.. it just comes down to unlocking it.. hu's gonna unlock it? i noe hu! it's nt me.. but i noe hu will unlock tt potential!

ask me hu la.. then maybe i'll tell u.. maybe ony.. hahahahas

ok ciao!