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chem prac rox man! hahahas it's quite easy lei.. nt bad except for the fact tt i got a bit mixed up wif the concentration.. but 1mark ony.. hahahas.. but i super happy la.. THANK GOD!!

1 hurdle is gone now to the next THEORY PAPERS!! CHIONG HA!!! hahahahas

anwz tdy i met wai loon. he super cool la.. i mean..he's taller than me.. nd i think more handsome than me! O.O lol.. yeah man.

tdy is super rewarding la.. thank God...

my love grows stronger for Him.. haiz.. thank you..

nth much tdy la..

except the fact tt i found a fren hu had a dream similar to my vision of Jing Rong! he said tt it was kinda weird becoz he dun noe hu's the guy! there was a white stage w/ lights behind plus a screen behind him saying being an influence in times of darkness: being great leaders who are lights in time of darkness.. i was like WAD?! then i showed him jing rong's pic in friendster nd he was like YA TT'S HIM!!! HOW U NOE?! then i told him bout my vision.. then after talked to a few more frens nd he oso had the same dream!!! but he said tt he didn't see the face clearly though..

coincidence?? nopes.. i dun think so.. there's no such thing as coincidence.. evrything is God's plan.. God is really moving man..

nth much happen alr..

just tt..