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Sry for not blogging for such a long time!LOL.. it seems tt i alwz do tt.. nvr blog for a long time then say sry.. LOL hahahas..


anwz nth much happened..

we just had our zone restructuring meeting ytd.. nd oh my mama.. it's super major restructure! our now D5 only consists oh jingfen's team nd the PRSS ppl! it's like awesome la.. i mean.. we cn hve cg in sch! HAHAHAHAS! but the scary thing is tt once we graduate frm prss a huge grp of us r going nd hence the prss grp is in danger! therefore it is super impt for us to be able to reach out to the lower sec so tt the revival will continue frm generation to generation! just like cat high!!

then ytd went to zone F service becoz of the sec1s wif me nd ranford.. the whole room was super packed man! until the ushers had nowhere to sit.. so through out the service they were standing behind.. but overall.. the presence of God really came upon the service man.. it's super thick la.. nd it's ony arnd 80 ppl pulling the presence of God! super zai.. nd Dominic's sermon was super gd!

i want to be like Dominic Leong! he's like super cool.. plus all his ideas r super gd la.. nd he's super funny! i wanna hve wad he has.. evrytime he talk u cn just feel tt authority in him.. tt anointing.. super cool.. u should hve seen him on the way down man.. oh my mama..


now i'm super bored at home.. i need to go out man! BUT MUST STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHIONG AH!!!!! LOL

hahahas.. wednesday hving outing wif the sec1s.. it's gonna be super fun man! we're going east coast park to cycle! super fun!

u noe wad i pray for now?? i pray that i will find BRYAN QUAH YEW TECK soon!!!!! ne1 noes him?????

I oso pray for Jing Rong tt the vision God has given me of him will be fulfilled! i hope to meet up wif him soon.. i need to see if it was really him in the vision..the voice, the way he walked, the way he moved.. i need to see all this details to noe if it was really him..

ok anwz.. i gtg..

l8r tennis game..

super exciting man!


PS PLZ TAG AS U GO! hahahahas the tag board's kinda dead... i hope it gets resurected! LOL

This video and song is super cool.. i love it! check it out!