Put Your Praise On

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Put Your Praise On.. hahahas.. nice song by blue eyes soul.. i dun need to be afraid.. i dun need to be alone.. i dun need to walk away.. because i got God on my side! hahahahas super cool

anwz ytd was kinda tiresome.. went to parkway to meet leon.. i was there since 11 i think then studied waited for leon to come.. he came arnd 1 i think.. then walked arnd parkway.. then we went to dunman food centre to drink soya bean.. the uncle there is super nice lei... he talk to me like he know me for yrs.. super nice.. makes me want to go there everytime..

then after tt went to church to study.. i studied on tourism.. super zai la.. it was super productive.. I LOVE ENGLISH TOFFEE LATTE!! hahahs random... Pastor How's coffee.. i shall drink tt now.. lol.. no but honestly it's nice..

oth than tt nth much alr la..

hmmm.. where should i go l8r.. parkway or dunman food centre b4 i go church to study??

i think i'll go parkway first then go dunman food centre..