I love Pastors

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oh man.. hahahas.. finally.. i just need to go to school for 3 more times! after tt Os is 'O'-VER!!! hahahas

tdy i went to church to study SS.. i was staring at my com for arnd 4hours i think.. becoz the notes were in my laptop.. after tt i just culdn't absorb anymore.. so i started to walk arnd.. went up to the admin office then as i was going down i met Pastor How and Pastor Lia.. they asked me how my maths paper was.. then i said tt it was ok nd tt it was easy to do but hard to understand.. then they started laughing.. the Pastor Lia told me.. Wah Carlo wad u said was hard to understand.. i hve to analyze wad u just said.. hahahahas.. super funny la..

I just love talking to Pastors.. evrytime i talk to them i feel even more happy! hahahahas.. they're cool! I love them man!

then after tt.. i went down nd played volleyball wif alvin.. then after tt played monkey wif noni, leon, ah chai, wei jie nd zhi guo... hahas super fun.. then the grp becme bigger as ppl started to join in.. then after tt monkey wasn't fun anymore so played hide nd seek in church! super cool nd fun la!! hahahahas the places u cn hide in church just amazes me.. hahahas My church is cool and awesome! i love my church!

then after tt played volleyball agn.. hahahas.. played until my arm was red.. lol..

then went home..


so ya.. tt's it..

hoping for holidays..

can go back ministry alr..

can go out wif ppl alr..


esp cn burn text books nd worksheets alr..


ok cya!