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Os are unofficialy O-ver!!! hahahahas.. just the mcqs left which is on monday.. woohoo.. i'm super excited..

burn the books!! LOL

hahas.. ok.. anwz..

now i cn go out alr! but of course must study in the morning and at night first la.. can not be too complacent..

but the good news is tt I'M BACK IN HOSPI!!! hahahas.. ytd i did my first ever duty in SingPost.. it was super cool.. i just love doing hospi.. tt's y today i'm doing hospi agn.. hahahas it was super fun.. we prepared Pastor's food.. nd washed the counter.. cleaned the tables.. super awesome.. and when we were waiting we just talked non sense wif alvin.. hahahas

haiz.. this is just great.. i love doing hospi man.. the next ministry tt i cn't wait to go back to is USHER!! yeah man!

ok i wanted to upload a few pics tt i took wif my new hp of the hospi area.. it's super cool i tell u.. however.. the stupid blogger got smth wrong i think.. hahahas..

so next time lor.. i go prepare to go hospi now..