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woah so cool man! i'm so xcited.. i dun noe abt u.. but i'm super excited of the prospect of taking our school! hahahas.. so amazing la..

ok wad hve i been doing.. hmmm.. nth much la.. just meeting after meetings.. so cool and awesome.. they're super fruitful la.. i really learnt a lot.. i love my church!

Love People..

Love Life..

Love God..

(and for hospi) Love Food..

hahahahas.. so cool hor? i dun noe if next week still can update blog or not.. coz having zone camp! super exciting!! that means.. i hve to meet wif the principal and vp on monday and then have a meeting with the cg to really share our visions with each other and share our ideas and then hve an outing, hopefully with jr.. all of this must be done b4 i go to camp the next day.. O.o

so much things to do in one day! can do or not? can do la.. anything's possible in Christ who strengthens me!

i'm so broke now.. i better sell my books and worksheets soon.. or else will always be stuck in my room.. LOL

hmm.. i'm thinking.. should i go wif my family to genting? i won't actually be going wif them becoz they're taking the car to drive all the way there while i follow the next day in a coach! sian.. i dun wnt to take alone lor.. plus waste money.. might as well give me.. lol.. jkjk..

should i go? if i go i'll miss svc.. hmmm..

i shall pray and ask God about it..

ok man.. tmr my first usher duty right after Os!! exciting..