Psalm 119

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hi guys! i'm currently in church right now as i'm typing this post! hahahas cool huh? i had hospi today but i'm waiting for the revival meeting downstairs to finish becoz i dun wnt to disturb Charleston =D

anwz.. i'm super tired.. on ytd i had hospi in the morning, parachute band in the evening and then class chalet.. class chalet was ok i guess.. it's as boring as i expected.. hahas thx to the crazy antics of the guys.. hahahas.. super funny.. i kenna forced to stay until 530 becoz no bus and cn't take cab becoz wo may yo qian.. hahahas.. so when 530 came i walked all the way frm aloha loyang to the int.. sian.. then took 15.. reached home arnd 630.. then went to sleep until 11+.. hahas.. then went off to go hospi.. cleaned up to hospi area.. nd now just slacking in the admin office! hahahas =D

btw.. i just want to thank all those hu hve made the class chalet a success.. i would like to thank the guys for making it super interesting.. there's really never a dull moment wif u guys!

next i would specially like to thank shuuy and suzie! wah without these 2 gals i dun noe wad would hve happened to the chalet.. i think will hve nth lor.. wah they just suprised me man.. everything went so smoothly.. thx man! suzie the prawns were awesome! i'm really sry i couldn't taste the chicken but i'm pretty sure they were awesome! nd shuuy.. thx for handling the admin side really smoothly! nd the noodle was really really gd! i just didn't want to take so much coz l8r i go fat! LOL.. thx guys!

wah..Parachute Band is just super amazing..

hmm.. i dun noe wad to say alr..

oh ya! my sis going NA.. sian.. she ony got 177.. o.O.. haiz.. so sad.. feel disappointed.. i thought she would finally go to the gd schs lor.. i thought she was going to be btr than me.. i was hoping for tt.. but haiz.. sad.. NA.. tsk tsk.. aiya.. i really need to work on my bro now.. hahas

Randyne did quite well but.. can he go VS? i hope so la.. i really do.. i want the best for randyne as well becoz he's really gd..