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so wad's been happening in my life?

hmm? shall we start on thursday?

thursday we had usher gathering.. i had a lot of fun on tt day nd i learnt a lot abt usher & security.. first went all the way to clementi to meet noni, chelsea, lek fong and leonard.. wah can not take it man.. clementi is like the other side of the country lei.. disgusting man.. then after buying the things required we went to yilin's house.. hahahas.. the place kind of ulu.. it was super fun.. cooking the food nd stuffs.. super fun wif noni arnd.. hahas.. then after that went to church wif all the food.. then had training to be a catcher for 1hr.. wah i really need to train alr.. or else can nt catch properly..

on friday had the public speaking classes wif sister evelyn.. wah.. i really learned a lot from her man.. she's the best host ever man..it's just so cool la..

then saturday.. had svc.. super cool.. the presence was just super thick.. then after svc went to play BANG! lol.. randyne was wif us.. he's just super cool la.. randyne is ranford's younger bro.. he's just super cool la.. 12 yrs old but super matured..

sunday went for svc.. then after svc.. wad i hve been awaiting for for weeks! hahahas exciting man.. i really learnt a lot from them.. super awesome.. i want some more man.. tt night is forever etched in my heart.. i will never forget tt night man.. u wanna noe wad happened? ask me lor! hahahas!

then after that super special night we went to stay over in jieru's house! super fun la! Randyne went with us! hahahas.. he's just super cool la.. really.. he reminds me of my own bro.. an older version of my bro.. hahas.. he really veh gd.. he's a leader through and through.. need to take care of him..

then today steamboat!!! hahahas.. then we all played BANG! agn.. lol me and randyne kept teaming up tgth.. hahahas at first he helped me.. then after tt helped him become the last man standing! lol..super fun la he.. dun noe y.. but randyne is like a bro i nvr had.. lol.. through him.. ranford just continues to inspire me to bring my siblings to church!

after sunday dinner.. i feel even more convicted to be a part of this new generation.. to raise up leaders and to be even more convicted to be like Pastor How.. i'm just super touched by wada Pastors hve told us.. i'm loving them even more!


haiz.. now waiting for Parachute Band!!!!!!!!! hahas.. exciting lei..

nth else.. =D wait for the next update! hahahas!