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wah i sian alr.. should i give up on my top friend? dun noe la.. hahahahas.. he say prioritise my oth friends above him.. hahas but cn nt lei.. currently he's my top priority.. becoz rmbr my vision abt him? i noe where the white stage is alr.. he is destined for it lei! hahas.. for all those hu r going huh? hu is he talking abt? if u r smart enuf u all will noe hu i am talking abt.. hahahas

wah sian.. it's always a missed out opportunity.. first was at the bus stop.. i shall explain further but we nearly met.. it's just one of those moments where you meet each other with out realising it's each other kind of thing.. then 2nd was ytd.. he was there at dunman food centre looking for me but i wasn't there.. when i rushed down there 2 hrs l8r when i read the sms he cn't go out alr.. disgusting right? haiz.. holy anger liao.. nvm i shall have faith...

anwz.. i just got back from hospi.. loving it.. but in the early afternoon i was running a one man show.. hahahas.. coz wayne nd nicholas had a meeting.. then alvin had to prepare food for cafe bbq.. so at night when had to do a lot of things alr.. i asked wei hao and nick loh to help out.. they're veh gd lei.. cn become hospi but they dun wnt.. hahahas.. they got to interact wif pastors at a closer level.. so cool.. then right when we went in to the admin office to play wif rinnah.. Pastor Lia was there and she said wah here comes and carlo and his team.. hahahas then i laugh.. becoz wei hao and nick loh were behind me.. super funny la Pastor Lia..

wah rinnah is just so matured for a 3yr old.. when Fifi was seating wrongly on the chair rinnah gave her 5mins to seat properly.. super cool lah! she so cute.. can not take it.. too cute liao..

ranford! got some1 cuter than u liao.. how? LOL

Prayer List.. evry1's going to come! i'm sure of it.. even him...