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yaaaay! it's finally over!!! thank God! Os are O-VER!!! hahahahahahahahahahas..

oh man.. it has been weeks and weeks of torture.. it's disgusting.. but finally it's over! i can finally enjoy life fuller! hahahas..

actually planned to bun my book right? but ranford gave me us a better idea.. he said sell all of it to karangguni man then use the money for a cg outing.. then i was like yeah! we should all sell our books then the money can be used for some cg bbq or smth!

it's been a long time since we last had a cg outing.. we definitely need one.. PRSS CG IS GONNA HAVE A CG OUTING!!! watch out for it!

Parachute band is coming next week!!! u cn't miss them man.. they're like so cool.. all new line up.. all new sound! i just heard some of their songs and they're super super nice.. trying to get some of them so tt u cn oso hear..

really u cn't miss it.. plus i'm excited wif Nov 27-29! Zone D CAMP!! amazing man.. staying over at east coast on the 2nd night.. just imagine a whole big grp of tents in east coast.. so cool! then after that VBS!!!!!! we're learning eschatology.. wooo.. chim word.. hahahas eschatology.. lol

and of course this week the most impt dinner of all time! hahahas.. i shall not tell u y.. hahahahahas..

u noe wad's even more exciting? i cn go out wif friends yet agn.. anyone wanna go out to watch movie or smth?

but i'm oso looking for a job.. anyone got job offer? hahas..

UPSIZE 700!!

PRSS r u ready for a mighty wave revival to flow through yet agn? R u ready? becoz God is moving..