God is real today!

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awesome! awesome! I'm loving it!

God is good all the time!

i mean wow!

He just does things suddenly man!

i mean.. u hve no idea wad just happened a while ago during service.. it's just so amazing tt i cn't think of the proper words to describe it..

should i say it?


should i not?

dun noe lei..

it's kinda creepy for some of u..

aiya.. ok if u want to know ask me for it ok? i believe that smth really big is about to happen.. i dun noe wad it is but i noe tt it'll be amazing.. becoz it's part of God's plans..

(hidden message scroll to the right) a while ago in service during our worship.. in the midst of Pastor's talking.. most of the church ppl heard a deep low voice humming to the worship song.. at the end of the svc.. we found out from the sound crew tt all mics were muted except for Pastor Lia's.. when played back from the recording the voice can be heard clearly.. humming to the song.. who was making the humming sound? Pastors came to a conclusion tt it might be an angel of God coming to pay heart of God church a visit.. btw the voice sounded really happy and was kinda like enjoying itself.. as though he was happy wif wad's happening in our church..