Zone D Camp

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actually right here right now.. i am super sleepy.. i feel like i'm going to be knocked outvery very soon.. so for now i'm going to go though the camp very very fast.. tmr then i explain further..

anwz.. camp was super super fun and awesome.. our cg has really risen up in level in terms of fellowship and bonding.. during the camp i really saw ppl rising up asleaders.. so cool..

ok first night.. we slept at arnd 5am to wake up at 8am.. and from there i didn't sleep agn until 8am the next day.. 24 hrs without sleep.. then i slept for 2 hrs nd waked up at 10am..

haiz.. tt's y right now i'm in the brink of shutting down.. chatting wif a few ppl.. hoping tt tt will kepp me awake..


ok till next time!