genting trip

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aiya.. i'm so sry pei jun for missing ur testi! i'm sure it touched a lot of ppl this weekend.. nd i'm sry wei hao for not being there on ur bday! but i wished u happy bday at night ok? lol.. touched or not?

i'm really sian tt i missed church this week.. i heard tt it was really gd.. plus GS oso lei! aiyo.. nvm.. i'm looking forward to vbs and meeting with Mr Tan Jing Rong.. finally.. oh ya i'll oso be meeting wif Mr Melvin Tan, the chairman of PRSSAlumni for the PRSS PSB.. principal hve accepted it.. she asked me to work wif alumni as well..

ok.. now for genting trip..

1st day i almost got lost sia! my hp died on me.. i hve no money to call through public phone.. i'm stuck! fortunately there was this kind aunty hu gave me all her coins! kudos for that aunty! so i got to call my dad.. and so starte our trip.. we first went to this snow world.. where the temp is -5 degrees! my ears was super painful.. then me and my bro kept throwing snow at each other.. at the end of the thing.. my bro was super super wet! lol! then my family ate at a veh nice place whic sells RM13 fried oyster.. the serving size was super big! it's like eating 3 plates of it in singapore.. and it was super super super nice!

ok so it came to night and the whole place was freezing and the clouds were setting in.. i was so fascinated by it tt i took quite a few shots of it.. i even took a video of the clouds settling in.. lol

2nd day was just super tiring.. roller coasters and more roller coasters.. and waiting in line and walking around for long dstances.. when i rode the exciting rides.. i kept shouting halellujah! i want my praises to go up! hahahas..

last day.. we went to kl.. almost got lost along the way.. stupid gps map not clear one.. then went home!

so now here back!

i'm just excited la.. VBS, meetings, meeting wif Mr Melvin Tan, meeting wif my veh veh gd fren Mr Tan Jing Rong..

hahas me and jing rong hve been talking abt girls.. lol.. wah critic sia he.. i showed him those tt i liked in the past.. tsk tsk..said not his taste.. said tt he cn't understand y i like them in the first place.. LOL.. wah cn nt stop laughing sia.. i just excited to talk to him in person.. future leader.. Jing Rong..

pics r up in my album.. lots of it.. arnd 121 i think..