after work

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haiz i just got back from work man! veh tired.. working at a restaurant near seletar camp.. night shift.. 40 a night.. veh bad pay lor.. the oly thing tt is nice is tt free food! lol.. for 3 days we've been eating prata, popadum, bandung, satay and briyani.. becozz the shop is a 24hr indian shop.. but they oso sell seafood.. the shop is veh multi racial..

anees was super funny the whole time.. entertain me sia.. i laugh like mad alr.. but i think i've gotten fat alr.. i mean all the indian food has so much oil! i saw them cooking the food.. crazy.. they just slab oil into evrything.. after slapping oil on the prata.. they'll splash oil agn.. then for the curry the oil floating like mad.. cn nt even see the curry.. wah.. tt's y i've been telling anees they all tt i think i going to get heart attack liao.. lol

anth gd thing bout the job is tt the satay uncle kept feeding me wif satay! super nice lor.. and where i was positioned i cn just anyhow take drinks.. so free flow of drinks lor.. LOL so nice..

anwz Vday is coming.. lol..

wad r u guys doing?

tag me wif wad ur plans are for vday..



must tell the whole world.. lol.. coz it's a privilage for us to work alongside them.. so cool..

ok la.. i go sleep liao.. tmr morning i going to go joggin.. i hope to burn all the fats accumulated in the 3 days of prata and satay.. LOL