1st day of PPP

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Today was my first day of school. It wasn't tt bad.. i mean taking the fact that it's the first day. 2nd would be btr i'm sure. Today we just played some games which were really quite fun.. most of which were ice breaking games.. so it was cool. got to know a few of them..

haiz.. i'm loving nyp man.. it's cool.. i'm really excited man..

after school.. super tired.. i can't even form proper sentences la.. tsk.. i was so tired tt while standing in the bus i fell asleep! if i weren't holding onto the hand rail i sure fall sia.. b4 going home i went to tori's house to rest for a while.. i was going to pass him smths but i forgot to bring it! lol.. so just chatted with him and his sister tani.. lol quite cool..

i think that's all for now.. i shall rest..

oh ya i forgot.. ytd went to have dinner with my pri sch frens! I had dinner with desmond and cheryl and her cousin.. so fun lor.. should have more often.. then on monday i went shopping with desmond..  spent the nike voucher to buy stuff for my friends and myself.. so fun sia.. i cn't rmbr when i last laughed so much..

actually can.. with tori tt time at his house.. lol.. so funny lor he..

ok.. bye!