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smth just stirred my heart today as i start crying.. a gd fren just told me such a sad sad story.. nd i looked at it and looked up to God and asked why.. oh God what can we do! i'm very sad now.. my heart is wrecked for other generations..

my fren told me tt his gf became pregnant(not his child her ex stead's) and she aborted it.. i'm burdened.. i can't imagine my juniors going through this.. i can not.. this just make me so angry and even more convicted to make a change out there..

why?? why must there be such a thing? a greater purpose in their lives yet they waste it like tt.. not only wasting their lives but wasting lives of others as well.. even unborn children suffer.. i really can't take it.. God save this generation..

i.. dun.. noe.. wad else to say.. i'm speechless.. i'm burdened in my heart.. they shouldn't be suffering this....

a deep compassion for this generation stirs in my heart.. let's really be the builder of all waste places and be the foundation of all generations... come on guys... let's do it..

evrytime i think of this happening.. tears well up my eyes..

God help us.. let Your compassion stir our hearts to do greater things for Your Holy Name.. Help us oh God to save our generation from sin..

i cn't say anymore.. i'm really too sad now..

sry guys..