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wah can not tahan.. today i went to ecp for my weekly workout ony to be met by a disgusting man.. or should i say GAY!!! oh my goodness.. i'm so traumatized now la.. u noe wad happened? i was skating on one side when this man goig the other direction looked at me and winked at me!!! goodness.. then i gave him a veh disgusted look.. then he still smile sia.. can not tahan.. then when i looked back.. he was still looking at me.. like checking out my ass.. wah lao eh.. i veh scared alr sia.. tsk tsk tsk..

i now know what Godwin felt ytd when this man practically almost stalked him la.. so scary.. the man sat beside him in bus even though there's so many empty seats.. so scary sia.. wad's the world turning into la.. tsk tsk tsk.. can not tahan..

hahas i found new best friend!! Mr GODWIN NG GEWEN!! lol cool sia he.. super funny la.. he my darling.. LOL.. so funny..

we're not gays ok.. we are straight!! LOL