Kudos to VS

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Probably one of the best school choir group I’ve ever heard in my life, Victoria School Choir did not fail to awe me as they sang different renditions of songs like Credo, etc. The voices of this all-boys choir have totally mesmerized me, inflicting chills creeping down my spine. Their voices reverberated through out the walls of the Victoria Concert Hall and many times it was the deep voices of these boys that literally made my shirt ruffle. As their voices continue to resonate I could not help but to sit at the edge of my seat.

Before the intermission that I did not really want to have, we were greeted by an awesome performance by Victoria Junior College’s very own Choir. I had really high expectations for them, as it’s the first time I’ve heard them sing but they certainly did not disappoint. As their sopranos hit the right notes, it did not fail to send Goosebumps after Goosebumps up my arms and back. Truly, Victoria Junior College continues to live up to its reputation of being the best of the best.

No matter how much you listen to recordings of Victoria School Choir’s rendition of songs like Memory, Don’t cry for me Argentina, and many more it can never be compared to what they really sound like in that cozy little concert hall. Donning the costume of the Phantom of the Opera, the stage was filled with a sea of black and white. Their black capes flowing smoothly behind them did not fail to mesmerize the audience whenever it flutters as they walk.

As the last note was sung, a thunderous round of applause rang from the audience. Even I, could not resist but applaud with all I have, mumbling under my breath, “Bravo”. The night was truly a night filled with surprises and awe. As I hum Memory, Victoria School Choir’s Rhapsody VIII will always be etched as part of my life.

Right now I just want to congratulate Victoria School Choir for being, in my opinion, one of the best Choir I have ever seen, or in this case heard. Thank you for giving us such an enjoyable and memorable performance.