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wah i'm totally loving school man!! you may say i'm weird but i love it!! i love the modules being taught now.. esp econs.. i dun noe y.. but it's like so interesting sia.. plus the effective writing skills.. i love those 2 subjects man.. business rox la..

my PEM is super super joker.. he's super funny la.. seriously serious.. he's a Dr!! but he's not a medical dr.. but he has a dr of philosophy degree(phD) isn't tt like so cool?? plus he veh cute.. LOL..

Then right got this lecturer super joker oso.. wah can not tahan sia.. he veh cool he has a small moehawk for his hairstyle.. cool or nt?!?! lol then tdy the lecturer oso damn funny.. he keep saying digress a bit ony but he keep digressing then the stories he tell super funny.. laugh like mad la.. lol

i love school man.. i'm really gonna make full use of my time here in sch.. i'm going to be the top.. one of the best of the best.. 

but now.. CCA!! aiyo.. i can't think of wad cca to join lei.. can every1 help me??? just tag which one u choose from this 3 options:
1) Ballroom dance: i think the name explains it all la.. so no need to explain do wad there one.

2) Ambassadorial Team: i'm not sure of this la.. but from the name i think it's u become an ambassador for NYP so u get to meet VIPs and stuff

3) CHOOSE ANTH: umm actually i dun noe wad's the 3rd choice.. help me think of a cca to join if u choose option3


today u noe wad happened? Huan Qing kenna bad day.. first i was in mac then she say she in north canteen then i was going there alr when she said tt she's heading to mac then after i met her.. suppose to accompany her to elearning plaza take queue number for the installation of software but i was having a craving for wedges so i ask her go south canteen first.. so we go south canteen to find out tt there's no more wedges.. then we go back blk B.. total time walked in blistering hot weather=45mins.. LOL..  u see Huan Qing tt's wad u get when u say VS sux.. u reap wad u sow.. LOL.. super funny la