night of light and smoke

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woots! i love today man! 

today is a night of light and smoke..

ok i noe it sounds that i was smoking but noooooooo... i super guai ok??? i was reffering to the night view from the Singapore Flyer!! and the smoke from the satays of Lau Pa Sat!!

yes tt's where we went today.. my aunt and my family.. it was really fun.. my aunt was super funny.. plus we were all ka jiao-ing each other.. lol.. tt made it even more fun.. i'm really gonna miss my aunt.. she's moving to states.. no more free nike stuffs liao.. T.T 

LOL just kidding!!

anwz i took pics for all of you! hope you like them! taken from the Singapore Flyer..
my bro looks possesed.. lol
oh my mama.. i'm so far from the ground!!
i like this pic.. dun noe why..

so nice right?

the epitome of acting cute.. but actually not acting dei.. i natural cute.. LOL >.<

so after Singapore Flyer, we went off to Lau Pa Sat to eat dinner.. damn nice sia the food.. i couldn't breathe after eating so much la.. oh man.. i think i need to do some exercises agn.. must lose all the fats! LOL

after that.. went home.. watched some ballroom videos in youtube.. liked this a lot.. lol. can u imagine me dancing like tt??? LOL