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ok so tdy had the ballroom welcome party.. it was awesome! met a lot of new people and played games.. really fun.. and as usual.. i had to do forfeit.. wah lao.. i i alwz kenna forfeit ha? i think i super duper slow la.. lol.. brain a bit slow la.. lol.. 

i'm really excited about ballroom man.. practice starts this saturday.. wuhoohoo!! 

i going to buy shoes by friday.. damn excited.. 

i oso now looking for white shoe.. 

i got a whole line up of shopping list la.. but only problem.. i broke.. shit la.. how?


here's my shopping list:
  1. Dance shoes (approx $80)
  2. White formal shoe (approx $70)
  3. 5 New Tshirts (approx $80)
  4. 2 New straight cut pants (approx $120)
  5. White shoe (approx $70)
  6. 2 Cardigan (approx$20)
  7. 2 New Blazer (approx $40)
  8. New watch (approx $40)
  9. Miscellaneous (approx $40)
  10. 2 New long sleeve shirts (approx $40)
so that means in total i need approx $600..

wah lao.. all the best to me la.. should i go work??

but if i work then confirm no time to hang out wif jun boon they all.. damn sad..

nvm.. i'll accomplish most of my shopping list by August.. i'll prioritise which one i should buy first.. which is of course dance shoes la.. then i dun noe alr.. maybe the pants? and the shoes?

my old pants i'll go and have it altered.. maybe taper them or make them straight cut.. see how la.. see wad's possible.. coz i dun wnt baggy pants liao.. wah lao.. i not fat anymore lor.. my pants baggy and long is becoz i last time sibeh fat.. 65kg lei.. lol.. i now 50kg ony lor.. 

if i manage to alter them nicely then maybe i dun buy new pants alr.. see how la..

wah i think i give up alr lor.. JUN BOON YOU WIN ALR LA!!! lol

every1 of my frens think he is damn handsome and cute.. *tt includes you huan qing* =) wah lao like tt i can not compete alr la.. plus they're commenting that he's very nice and he's like the perfect guy.. tt's y he has been labelled Mr Perfect now.. 

wah lao.. Mr Perfect lei.. how to compete with some1 like tt? tsk.. 

but honestly i think jun boon is really veh nice la.. dun noe bout handsome and cute though.. i still think i more handsome and cute la.. 


joking joking ony! 


hahahas.. yeah.. wah i just imagine ha.. poly life without him as my best fren.. damn boring la.. no one to click wif.. coz seriously i think i cn't click tt well with the guys in my class.. i'm not saying they all bad la.. i mean they still include me in everything but cn't click la.. no common interest la.. like all of them gamers and i'm nt.. they all like damn vulgar nd i'm nt.. lol.. tt's y jun boon come i relieved sia.. finally some1 i can click veh well wif.. wuhoohoo!

tt time when me and huan qing was chatting i even told her tt if me nd jun boon remain close friends through out ha.. i'll go as far as to make him best man in my wedding la.. LOL.. far fetched thinking la.. see how things go la.. 

ok anwz.. i gtg liao..

hve to sleep! =) cya!

but b4 i go here are some videos all of you need to watch.. really veh veh veh veh nice.. it's my goal tt by Pastor How's Bday i'll be able to dance well for him.. hahahas

PS Jun Boon said that a while ago during ballroom welcome party.. some guy kept touching him.. LOL damn sick la plz..