day of slacking

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LOL.. today is a day for slacking.. dun noe y tdy is super slack la.. and i was kinda tired towards the end of the day.. haiz.. but overall veh fun la.. esp after lessons.. LOL

ok so this how my day went.. beware long post ahead..

left home at 7am.. took the bus to the interchange to take anth bus.. and on the bus i wanted to stay awake but haiz.. no avail..damn sad .. nowadays i alwz fall asleep in the bus.. damn sian la.. i must look really awful when i'm sleeping.. should be damn unglam... lol.. nvm i shall do my best to stay awake..  

finally reached sch and as soon as i got in the lecture theatre.. i saw bashira wearing the same as me! oh my mama.. she was wearing striped long sleeved shirt.. black pants.. which was sibeh identical to mine.. wah lao.. i was damn pek chek la.. but one funny thing was she greeted Li Ping happy birthday then she asked her.. today ur birthday ha?? LOL.. greet first then ask.. damn lame la.. lol.. laughed like mad..

then had lecture.. wah our stats lecturer is the best la.. he gave us a lot of pointers impt for the exams and he was really really really sibeh funny... LOL.. i was laughing all the way during lecture la.. but it's really really good.. coz i learnt a lot from tdy's lecture..

had POA next.. kinda slacked through out coz i did my hw and i went to check all my ans.. all crct so i slack dei.. but then when classwork came i do veh fast.. coz i kinda uderstand it alr.. just needs more practice for POA.. i shall practice more.. then i'll be the best in POA in class.. lol

next was break.. really very funny.. the guys of MK0802 are really greatest bunch of ppl man.. damn funny.. argued whether to eat at koufu or north canteen.. at first bo bian going to eat at koufu then suddenly evry1 decided to go north canteen.. LOL.. 7 of the guys including me ate dry beef hor fun.. nt bad but veh oily.. everytime u eat u can literally feel the oil.. tsk.. then had mango tango.. went up to class to discuss the stats project.. veh unproductive cn.. coz i no mood.. the stupid thing is like super mah fun la.. lol.. i'd rather have stats lecture.. LOL 

then had macroecons.. wah this one i was dozing off.. but i told myself can nt.. so i went to toilet.. go watercooler and splashed water on my face.. then felt more awake.. went back to class and slacked.. whole time during macroecons tutorial i was msn-ing keith and carolyn,, damn funny.. crapping all the way.. ok but dun get me wrong.. i did my hw alr.. all crct.. so i could slacked through out.. even when the teacher went to check my work she was oso kinda surprised then kept saying wah.. carlo veh smart ha.. hehes =) i'm going to be the best in econs also ok???

after tt went to meet jun boon, jun and wei xiang near the sports complex.. was watching some girl.. damn funny la.. when the girl scored a goal they all went wooooooo! then hid behind the wall then i was left there blur.. i was like wad's happening.. then found out tt i super pai seh becoz the ppl downstairs thought i was the only one cheering.. i was like sia la.. then went to walk walk.. met Si Min near the swimming pool corridor there.. then talked crap.. then si min told jun boon tt he had a nice complexion.. i'm like o.O.. then laughed like mad.. i mean.. it was like super random la.. lol

then after tt went to north canteen drank coffee while jun and jun boon drank mango tango.. slacked there and discussed wad to do next.. first plan was gym but wei xiang was not dressed for gym.. then next was mahjong.. but i dun noe how to play.. then ended up to me and jun boon going orchard while jun and wei xiang going home..

while on the train to orchard.. me and jun boon was crapping all the way la.. but mostly it was him suaning me all the way.. why does evry1 like to suan me?? LOL.. but reall damn fun.. lol then went to orchard.. wallked to shaw then supposed to meet his fren.. but ended up waiting for his friend in mccafe... over there crapped all the way.. but yet agn ended up he suan-ing me.. i keep laughing ony la.. then he keep asking me eh stop laughing lei.. lol.. wah really fun to hang out wif jun boon la.. lol can not tahan.. then went to meet his fren.. she's nice.. wah i wanted to hang out with them the whole night la.. i think should be really fun.. but i needed to go for a dinner wif my family yet agn

so went for the dinner.. then went to my aunt's house.. and managed to lend a few books.. Hypnotic writing: how to seduce and persuade customers.. and.. Marketing Genius.. hahahas yeah man..i'm also going to be the best in marketing.. 

jun boon challenge me is it?? LOL.. come on man.. bring it on..

a while ago during dinner.. smth super funny happened tt left all of us laughing until our stomach ached and we cried.. LOL.. my dad suddenly like wanted to sneeze but he just put food in his mouth.. then he reached for his handkerchief but... too late.. all of us suddenly heard an explosion like sound and next thing we know my mom was covered wif rice.. then we all laugh until like siao.. lol.. even my mom was like laughing la.. LOL.. really damn funy.. i was like saying.. eh sia la.. i thought a car in the road the wheel exploded sia.. then my aunt laugh and laughed.. she oso thought there was some kind of road accident.. wah we were all laughing like mad man.. until now just the thought of it is making me laugh.. LOL


but actually not much of a achievement.. jun boon said tt evry1 got in.. even those hu didn't go for auditions.. i'm like o.O wad's the use of the auditions?? hahas bro was like ya lah.. damn useless.. 

lol.. ok i shall go read marketing genius now.. lol