birthday passed

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hahahas.. birthday passed alr.. just as sudden as it came.. sudden it passed.. 

turning 18.. ppl say there's a huge difference.. i say nopes.. nth much changed.. i'm still hu i am today and my convictions still remain unchanged and immovable.. i still like the same things.. i still dun like the same things.. i'm still like how jing rong puts it a child at heart..

so wad's next for Carlo Miguel Saavedra Qian Da?? 

i dun noe.. see where God takes me.. but i really want to do well for my studies.. to be one of the best of the best.. so that i can help others as well.. 

i'll be taking ballroom classes soon.. but i like the latin dances more.. i want to learn latin dances.. 


right now.. i just want to thank all those hu wished me..

firstly is to thank 

Jing Rong for wishing me happy birthday at exactly 12am.. really thx a lot bro.. u rox man.. hope i really get to have a long chat with you.. i think you're such an awesome guy la.. i think u really did well presenting  the helmsman program.. ur birthday is a day before mine ony.. hahahas next time we should celebrate tgth.. i think it would really be so cool..

next is..

Jun Boon bro.. thanks a lot for the message u sent me.. eh bro.. may OUR wishes come true la not mine ony.. if u get wad i mean.. #16=) LOL.. u're the best la.. u nvr fail to make me laugh one..  it's alwz a fun and exciting day with you arnd.. a true fren indeed.. no matter how tired the day becomes u just come nd i think evry1 will be full of energy.. thx for being a fren man.. more than a fren.. a bro.. thanks bro..

Godwin Ng Gewen.. thanks a lot bro.. my sms compatriot.. lol.. u wished me in msn then wish me in sms.. thanks a lot! sry couldn't meet u today.. but i really appreciate you getting me a present.. damn touched.. thx TICO PIG! lol

Huan Qing.. thanks a lot man.. thx for putting your msn nic as HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLO through out the whole day! hahas even blogging abt it.. hahahas.. thx man.. appreciate it.. dun emo alr ok?? bestfriends yeah?

JASMINE!!! so sry!!! LOL.. thanks for the msg yeah?? really love being ur friend.. u're like the nicest ever man.. it's really wonderful to have been able to know you.. you're an awesome great friend to be arnd la.. where's my present?? LOL.. no la.. u as a friend is alr a gd enuf present liao.. LOL

Next is nisa.. thx for the gift.. really loved the chocolates.. really appreciate it.. i'm damn touched tt u even bought me a gift la.. lol

Keegan John Herald.. hahas thx for the sms.. i'm really touched.. thx for leading me as an usher..

MK0802.. for the guys thx for nt bashing me up.. hahahas u r the coolest bunch of ppl i noe man.. all of u is one of the reasons i love coming to sch.. for the girls.. thx for the wishes.. i'm damn touched.. overall for MK0802.. u rox man! i'm damn touched by the class.. they signed on a card and gave it to me.. even Dr Chia signed on it.. 

Carolyn.. thx for buying the card yeah? really appreciate ur thoughts.. great to have a friend like you.. plz stop msn-ing in class and pay attention.. LOL

Qian Qian wo mei yo qian.. LOL.. thanks for the msg.. although it was a bit ummmm.. LOL.. still say actually u dun wnt msg me.. LOL thanks for being a sis in Christ man.. let's keep growing in Christ..

Aaron.. thanks for the msg man.. really made my day.. it's been a long time since i last talked to u man.. let's have a chat agn sometime yeah?

Vanessa.. thanks for the msg man.. let's keep growing in Christ yeah??

Si Min for ur all caps sms.. lol.. really made an impact la.. LOL.. hope u all the best for ur future endeavors.. really appreciate you for being my friend.. thanks a lot!

Fung Qi.. thanks for the almost last minute sms.. LOL.. dun worry i nt angry.. coz at least u rmbr at the last minute! LOL.. thats wad makes you muo gu.. LOL

and for all those i didn't mention.. thanks for all your wishes.. i really appreciate them.. thank you! you made today the best birthday i ever had..

off to resume studying.. studying marketing.. i want to be damn zai in principles of marketing and econs and stats and poa..

When you Look me in the eyes
tell me that you love me

nice song.. =)

oh ya btw.. my mouth feels so clean.. i using the toothbrush the colgate 360 one.. damn nice i tell u.. lol.. i hate havng bad breath.. tt's y u alwz see me wif mints.. lol.. i hate smelly things.. lol