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tdy i emo liao..


i slept until 3pm tdy.. cn nt believe it..

i'm like taking back all the lost sleep.. i think tmr oso i'll sleep damn long.. but no i shall not be a pig! 

i shall do all my work tmr..

planning for a dinner wif jun boon, si min, huan qing, jasmine and christina.. i just informed them now.. dun noe whether will go or nt.. i hope they can go.. 

dun noe y tdy so emo..

i've been thinking.. 

delay of a vision.. or maybe even death of a vision.. i dun noe.. i shall see..

oso rmbr my prev post? 

i said abt jun boon being a close fren of mine? and tt i felt veh insecure.. 

like u dun deserve such a gd fren like him.. 

insecure la me.. i must nt be.. must never be.. i must never ever ever ever be insecure..

but smetimes u cn just feel this kind of things one la.. i dun noe.. maybe i'm nt tuned properly yet..

regret ony surfaces at the end.. tt's wad causes the fear and insecurity.. u're so scared tt u'll lose evrything in the end.. and u'll regret evrything tt u did.. living with the question "what if ... ?" 

u just hate tt dun u?

ok la.. i shall emo no longer..

i gtg..

tc yo!