sleepy days

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tdy is officially the day i became a pig.. lol

did totally nth but eat and sleep..

i did go jogging la.. but evrything else was eat and sleep..


i did my projects oso.. so it's ok.. quite productive oso..

suppose to have dinner wif friends but turned out to cancel coz i felt like sleeping and the rest were broke! lol..

watched my favorite show just now.. House.. damn nice i tell u.. i really like his attitude.. he has this qian da attitude but he's alwz right.. tt's the amazing thing.. he's the best Dr there is man.. lol.. i want his attitude.. he's damn straight and blunt in his remarks.. 

lol.. damn cool..

studies.. how ha? i really need help wif poa.. my class ppl all dun noe.. nvm.. i go ask jun boon.. the ***** guy.. LOL


gtg.. cya!