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I just realized that this is actually my 121th post.
Ok. I know it's totally random.

Anyway. Nothing much has been happening.
Besides the fact that my aunt returned from America last night.
Nothing much has happened.

Oh! By the way. I think Pasir Ris Secondary School have risen in standard. On friday i dropped by PRSS and was surprised when i saw that they were having rehearsals for the 08/08/08 Opening Ceremony. What I saw totally shocked me. From the NCC carrying real rifles (of course without ammo and with close observation by an Army Personnel) to the performances and event planning.

Through out the time that i was watching the rehearsals I was telling myself, "not bad.. not bad". 

I think PRSS is rising up in standard. Let's see where PRSS will go next year. They're almost close to VS standard. Let's see if they can catch up.

Ok i shall go now. Feeling very tired.


I'll leave you with this movie trailer. 

Awesome. I'm so excited. 

It's from a book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. 


I just love the book because there's so much emotion in it and you really feel as though you are the protagonist and you can feel the intense romance. It's definitely a MUST READ. So you guys better hurry and start reading the Twilight series.

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doreen - really? they're great.. i only started listening to them recently.. inspired by Victorians.. thanks! you too gd luck for ur exams.. i'll definitely tell jun boon. ^.^