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oh my goodness..

just look at the time..

i just finished studying..

Recently, I have been feeling rather irritated with my class people. Except for those good ones of course. But a lot of the class people irritates me a lot. They have such a slack attitude even at this point of time and somehow all they can ever think of is to play and play and play some more. 


I got really pissed off a while ago in class after our presentation. Apparently some smart asses decided to ask a question during the Q&A session of our presentation. Normally, the class will not even ask any question because they will be there doing their own work (which is playing and msn-ing -.-)

They decided to ask a question that was TOTALLY unrelated to our presentation. They asked about child labour when we were doing about Nike Casual Shoe. 


So lame. They just wanted to sabotage one of my teammates but of course because they were not using their brains, it affected the whole team. 




Whatever man. You all just better hope it didn't do that much damage.

Anyways, on a more happy and positive note


My EWS group seriously rocks. But right now we're kind of going through what we have termed the PUN SEASON.


The jokes are just seriously lame. But the fact that it is lame makes it so funny. 
Weird huh?

This was right after going to one of the Victorian's blog (Emersius. I've linked him ^_^) where he posted the jokes being told by his friend. Right after that, the pun season has officially begun in MK0802. Thanks to Victorians! 


These are the jokes that started it all off (quoted from Emersius' Blog):
Where do you go when you are treated unjustly?
The fair.

What is the name of a pendulum?

Which is the holiest plant on Earth?
The vine (divine). 

Which animal has no hair?
The bear (bare)

Kinda funny right?

Oh by the way. I've been listening to some really good chinese songs and one is even a japanese song.

我要快乐? by 张惠妹

First Love by Utada Hiraku

菊花台 by 周杰倫

Perhaps Love [OST Goong]

Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou by Lin Jun Jie


I know you are shocked that Carlo is listening to Chinese songs. But come on, RACIAL HARMONY man!!! 




I think i shall stop here. Just look at the time. Going LBEM tomorrow. Hope we learn something new.

But before I leave here a very cool video of the 12 Girls Band playing the Titanic Theme which i came across. Pardon me but i've been listening to Chinese Orchestra Songs recently. 

VSCO's fault.

Who asked them to be so pro?



Pictures taken after the presentation just now are below. Try to hold your excitement in seeing me. 

So handsome. 




Trying hard not to laugh here

Carolyn was extra cause she's not in formal. LOL

woohoo.. Lucky guy right? ^.^

I look like a cheeky kid in here. ^.^

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