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oh man..
look at the time agn!

I think I've been sleeping later and later these past few days. I shouldn't be sleeping this late man. But have to study.

Actually, I have a confession to make.

Today, I had the full intention of studying and doing my work. However, as I opened my laptop ON MY BED, my eyes started to close. I thought it was still ok to be ON MY BED until i WOKE up at 4am to find myself ON MY BED.


KO. Knock Out!

Lesson for the day? Don't do your work ON YOUR BED
Beds are evil. They make you go to sleep even when you are suppose to do work.

Actually, now as i'm typing this post, i'm on my bed again and my eyes are drooping close.


So I think i better end this post here and continue sleeping.

But before that, here is a video that's kind of cool. I'm in love with the song man.

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Jasmine - LOL.. CO rox man.. 

pinktattypiggy - lol.. eh who you calling ass? thanks arh! hahas.. 

Zoe - miaow! =^.^= thanks man. Yeah I want to catch The Dark Knight also. But looking for people to pei me. lol.. aiya.. I hope millions of cats stalk them. LOL.. just imagine that! woots!

Julene - really arh?