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I just got back home from a late night supper i had with my primary school best friend, Desmond.

Nothing much has really changed man. Although I can't remember when was the last time we actually met up like this. It was really great to catch up and stuff. Ultimately, I've reached the conclusion that~~~



He have been telling me all the stuff that he has been doing. Like for example, the fact that he just lives beside Temasek Polytechnic yet he can still get late. 


He said that he does not get late cause once he sees that he's late he does not go to school at all. Conclusion?




We also talked about my class people and his class people, all the antics that my class do like watch Jackass during lecture with us laughing like mad and all the antics that his class do like get wasted during a chalet and PEE right outside their chalet with people looking and bbq-ing next door and opposite.



 Talked about a lot of other stuffs as well. It's really fun having this catching up moments with your friends.

We actually met at 1130 but we only got back around 240. So you can conclude that we really talked a lot.

We ate at a PRATA shop. So those people who knows me will know where our conversation lead to at some point of time.



This must be the picture of the year. Just look at that! How are you suppose to read that?

Kids Exchange or Kid Sex Change?

I think it's really funny. I found it in one of the Victorian's blogs. It's really funny. The things that people can make mistakes in.

I also came across this video in youtube while searching for black hole. I think it's really informative and VERY VERY comical.

But mostly comical.




Ok I think i'll turn in now. Having dinner with Godwin tomorrow. So exciting! ^.^ It's been a long time since i've had these lunch/dinners/suppers with friends. I've forgotten how much I just loved doing this to just get to know more about them and find out more about their interesting lives.

Next week I'll be meeting the new Victoria School Peer Support Board EXCO hopefully with the potential PRSS SC EXCO.




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