lecture in progress

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Hi, I'm in my Macroeconomics lecture now. It's kind of boring. But i really need to read up on my Macroeconomics. I'm kind of lagging already. But i'll do that right after our Statistics Theory for Business ICA. Right now, i need to study for that. Really badly. So many formulas to remember.

Everyone around me now are not paying attention to the lecturer. I'm seated at the extreme corner of the theatre. The guys in front of me are watching Ju-On without sound so it's not that scary. Anyway, Ju-On is not scary at all. I was laughing when i watched it last time. Guy beside me playing some game. 


How am I going to catch up in Macroeconomics!?

I think I need to ask the JC people for help. Right now, I doubt people from my class knows what's going on in Macroeconomics. You can just imagine how slack my class is. 

I must attain Academic Excellence!



I actually fell asleep while waiting for that picture to be uploaded. 

Before i continue to doze off in lecture. Look at this guy. I think he's very imbah. Just look at his finger. 
tsk tsk tsk.


I shall go now.

Cya later.