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I just got back home from my dinner with Godwin. 
It was so cool!

Although, a lot of non sense did come out and all our bhb surfaced up. I mean what can you expect from both guys who are bhb?


I think Godwin is seriously more suited for the poly life. However, being in JC is also good for him because at least there are teachers chasing him for work if not he'll completely slack off.

Something came to me just now. I told him the pun jokes. Guess what? He already knew the answers to them! Oh my.. Victorians really flow with each other. It's as though those jokes were commonly told within Victoria School. 


Then we argued about whether VS is an awesome school or not. He's from VS yet he's not patriotic to his own school whereas me, I'm not even from VS, yet I'm loving it

Then we played with my mac cam for a while. Here are some of the pictures.

Godwin decides to play with his food and pour it all over my plate of chicken bone. It was really sick because it was curry with mashed egg and tissue paper. 
tsk tsk tsk.
Acting cute.
I have a twin! Zoe! Beat that!

Then after Ikea we went to Giant so that he can buy his hairspray.


Oh ya! By the way! 

My mom decided to buy me a new watch! It's from Aldo and it looks really cool.

hahas. My new watch.
Aldo Fabunni.

So Nice!

Ok i'll get a move on now.

I haven't bathe yet and just look at my workspace.

Just look at the MESS
tsk tsk tsk. 
I need to pack things up in the weekend. Do my filing and stuff. 

OK. Off to the shower! 


*Take a break. Cool things down. Think straight. Then make the decision. Don't be emotionally led but be led by your heart.*



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pinktattypiggy - ya right you were listening.. i saw you all talk talk talk there la.. wad backside siol.. i hve lei.. u hve or not? o.O LOL