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smth happened today..

after my dinner wif zhi xiang and may.. which was btw awesome.. 

haiz.. i feel so sad la..

i know i shouldn't compare them wif oths but.. it becomes irritating when there's so many opportunities yet i cn't take them becoz they limit me.. i see oth ppl i get jealous of wad they hve.. just the love is there and evrything.. then i look at mine.. evrything bad seems to happen..

cn nt take it lei.. i noe must honour them.. but smetimes i'm alwz put into the edge..  

smetimes i even think of severing ties.. but of course i won't la.. 

wad irritates me the most is their facts are based on pressumptions and assumptions.. and you hve no choice but to surrender to their facts becoz they're higher.. u cn't explain further coz they alwz stick their own facts..

i am irritated.. i am angry..

mine will never ever ever be like this in the future..


cn nt take it..

anwz.. i think i hve to start writing my blog in standard eng.. i went to my victorian friend's blog and his eng was zai.. compared to how i've been writing recently wif all the singlish and bad grammar mine is damn sad.. 

ok la.. tdy no studying for Mr Carlo.. he's far too tired..

Carlo's going to sleep now.. 

hope tmr is btr.. 


*ask me in msn if u wanna noe hu i was reffering to in this post..