ok lei

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ytd post damn emo..

but now i'm ok.. thx to an unexpected invite by jun boon to go out to eat dinner wif him..

felt so so much btr after dinner.. 

thx bro..

anwz tmr.. poa test.. i'm nt so confident.. i'm still getting confuse on which account to put in which special journal.. but jun boon taught me a bit so i hope it'll help a lot..

tmr is also presentation for marketing.. wearing my suit.. with white shirt and victorian tie courtesy of MR GODWIN NG GE WEN.. lol.. went to his place arnd 11+pm to get the tie.. shiok man.. 



they're the best..

exciting man.. presentations after presentations are coming next week onwards..

cheong arh!!!!


so exciting oso.. finally having a dinner wif Godwin on monday.. after so long siol.. i'm veh sure we'll tallk a lot of non sense one.. 

i tink i easily click wif any victorian.. lol.. so cool..

ok back to studying..