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I'm so at peace today.
Worship was really the best.
Today I think I'm really impacted by the worship.
For so long, It has been difficult for me to get into the presence of God.
But yesterday and today.
All I can say is:
It was awesome.

I'm glad I'm back.
The fire's back.
I got my first revelation right after the long barrenness.
I know now why we must really build strong our Spirit Man.
If our Spirit Man is weak, How can he win over the flesh?

I'm refreshed.
Worship was amazing.
I am truly captivated.

Jesus You 
You hold the world with Your unfailing love 
The heaven sings Your praises from above 
In Your name lips shall praise and knees shall bow 

Father You 
The universe exalts in who You are 
The stars declare Your wonder far and wide 
How majestic is Your love throughout my life 

In You.. I find my peace 
In You.. I bend my knees 

You are Lord of Heaven You shall 
Reign in all the earth 
I humbly bow before Your majesty 
Now I will sing Your praises and I will sing forevermore 
I'm captivated by Your love in me 

This is a very powerful song.
It really reflects what i want to say in my heart.
The longing and adoration for God.
This is pure worship.
I love it.

I love God.

I think i shall go now.
I still have to study for Statistics tomorrow.


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HuanQing - He's handsome ok. His voice is awesome right? He can sing a lot of genres. That's the zai part.

Jasmine - Of Course he looks much better la! Hands Down i know he's far more handsome than me. But at least i'm still handsome. He's lvl 10 handsome = ultimate. I'm level 7! (Must humble a bit) LOL

Zoe - He's handsome lor! come on man!

Nic - eh funny arh? LOL. Yoga Lin Rox!